Thank you for your interest in the work of T.L.C. Children’s Trust. This page only contains some very basic details.
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Our registered reason for existing is stated as:

“The charity’s objects are to relieve the needs of orphans and other underprivileged children and young people in Kenya in particular but not exclusively by the provision of funds for food, clothing, accommodation, education and medical care”.

We channel all our funds to the Home of Peace Children’s Home near Siaya in Kenya.

No money is held back for our administrative costs.

100% of gifts received goes to the Children’s Home. Our Trustees personally cover the overheads.

Home of Peace Children’s Home is located in a rural area of Kenya and provides accommodation, food, clothing, medical care and education for vulnerable children and orphans.

The home is registered by the Dept. of Children’s Services of Kenya and it is run under the direct supervision of T.L.C. Children’s Trust who monitor everything very closely.

We maintain a very close link with the home and are able to verify where every penny is spent.

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